Thursday, January 31, 2013

Indigo Blues

Back in the day, when I was a student at the University of Hawaii, I took a class where we had access to an indigo vat. We learned various techniques, including shibori. So when I came across Job & Boss, an Oakland based design studio, it brought me back to my days in the UH art department. All these pieces are hand dipped in natural indigo dye baths. They are truly original pieces.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Boats & Chocolate

Boats and chocolate seem to go hand in hand in the world...

When a friend was getting married and trying to save money, I offered to make chocolate boat lollipops to help with the nautical themed affair- a task that proved challenging, to say the least. Somehow after all that work, they were forgotten under a table still in the bags I brought them in. In an attempt to not have them be a complete fail, we started passing them out on the dance floor to the remaining guests. I remember laughing so hard as we asked each guest if they wanted a "chocolate schooner".

Maybe that's why when I came across Dick Taylor chocolate I was already a fan... ex- boat builders turn chocolate makers? I'm down. Luckily, the only place they are sold in San Francisco is in my old neighborhood, so I stopped by immediately and bought a bunch. I passed them out to family and friends when I was home in New York for the holidays, and they were a hit! It is very hard to find chocolate without emulsifiers like soy lecithin, {which I try to avoid} so it is nice to know Dick Taylor uses only the best ingredients. These were my favorites...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Color Strategy

You might think that every nail polish company covers all bases on the color strategy, but you would be surprised at how many miss the mark. That is, with the exception of Julep. A few times in the past {like here, and here} I have posted stories matching nail polish back to certain apparel items. I would say that Julep was the only brand offering such a vibrant array of colors that could easily be matched back to each item... and they are 4 free of chemicals to boot. 

I recently was able to test out one of their holiday trios, and I am happy to report that the colors not only translated to the nail, but they lasted longer than other brands I have used in the past. I am a Julep uber-fan for life! Here are a few soon-to-be released shades...