Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dia De Los Muertos

A really quick apology for my M.I.A- ness. Things have been non-stop for reals.  I have moved, had visitors in town, and took a much anticipated trip to Portland {more on that to come later}.

But, I had to buckle down and get a post up today because it's Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because I love how people seem to really get into the spirit of dressing up. But let's be real... I love candy.  Given that the SF Giants just won the world series, and it's Halloween... I couldn't think of a better post than to feature John Sherlock Hersey's "Dia De Los" illustrations on Bay Area teams. I truly love them, and own one of his SF Giants shirts myself. Get your own here on his Dia De Los Giants shopping page.


  1. We're definitely vibing on the same frequency today. It's in our blood =) Wait, you moved?!

  2. ALSO... Check out Little Canoe on Etsy (if you haven't done so already). So much inspiration from this chica, my mind is on creative overload. This one made me think of you: And hopefully we'll move to Portland and get the matching one: