Sunday, April 15, 2012

Week in Review

I had another jamming week over here at The Inspiration Files. I really am beginning to love documenting all the things I come across in my travels. This week I...

* finally made good on my promise to start keeping flowers at my desk
* opened my much anticipated birthday card from Anthropologie {15% off!}
* swung by the amazingly curated Big Daddy's Antiques
* snapped this spiderman tribute in NYC around 2nd Ave. & 13th
* tripped it out to Montauk {and back to JFK later in the day}
* snapped this piece of art from birthdays past in my friend's backyard
* loved the overgrown flowers & city view at an overlook
* was bday gifted a "T" wax seal that I can't wait to use
* took in the artwork on painter & graffiti artist Barry McGee

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