Friday, January 27, 2012

Once Upon A Time

I try to switch my handbags as often as possible because I feel like I have so many and they all need to fulfill their bag destinies. However, switching bags is no easy task, and some things {unfortunately} can get left behind. But, when they are found again, it can feel like Christmas. Such a thing happened today when I changed bags and stumbled upon my All the Better To Kiss You With lip balm. I missed it, and am glad it is back in the rotation. It is also fitting since Once Upon Time is pretty much my new favorite show. These lip balms come in a cool slide tin, smell wonderful, and are certified organic. Ah, sounds like a happy ending to me!

Get your hands on them here


  1. I am a crazy lip balm person and I have such a variety. I have to try these!!

  2. You should definitely try them. I have the pomegranate one and it smells wonderful!