Friday, September 27, 2013


With all the deodorant options on the market today, one would think it would be easy to find one that suits your needs- but no! It is actually much harder than it seems if you are looking for healthy choices, and are trying to steer clear of parabens and aluminum. If you you swing by any random drug store, you will see tons of plausible options- yet, I can almost guarantee that the majority of them contain horrible, toxic ingredients. This is why I turned to natural and holistic choices. However, everywhere I looked it seemed the only choices were to buy a natural deodorant that wore off in about an hour, and left me more smelly, or suck it up and buy the toxic variety that worked. Personally for me, the latter is not an option anymore. I then became a master of layering two different types of natural deodorants- topped with a powder to boot! I was tired of all the hassle just to remain fairly un-smelly throughout the duration of the day.

 Luckily, I remembered reading about Lavanila. They were nice enough to send me over a sample to test out. I am really very surprised, and happy with the way to deodorant has worked so far. First off, it smells great and is completely free of aluminum and parabens. Hooray! They have five total yummy scented options that I cannot wait to try. I am also a sucker for the pretty packaging and unique design. Do you have any favorite deodorants/ healthy alternatives?


{Disclainer: I was compensated for this post with product, all thoughts & opinions are my own}

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