Thursday, August 30, 2012

Destination Mexico

I once got my palm read and was told that I was Mayan in a past life. You could probably write off most things palm readers tell you as made up brew ha-ha, except I believe this one- or want to- because of my obsession with Mexico. Even though I have only ever been to TJ and down to Rosarito, something tells me if I took a trip to someplace like Hotel Casa Tota in Baja Sur, I might rethink my return. Hotel Casa Tota is an adorable boutique hotel with tons to offer and is just about a hundred dollars a night! I am really considering a trip- who's with me?


  1. Wow, looks great been looking for cool place to stay while in Mexico! Totally checking this out, thanks!

  2. Really nice! Maybe this could be a possible destination paddle location!