Sunday, December 19, 2010


Thanks for stopping by... first off, let me start by introducing myself... I'm Tara, the editor behind The Inspiration Files. I am the perfect combination of an old soul meets child-like whimsy. My mind never stops seeking new and interesting things to fuel my creative flow. I have a penchant for Snapple Peach Ice Teas, and beautiful things. On weekends, you'll most likely find me traveling down the coast taking in the views, and stopping along the way to throw the shells back in the ocean.

Although this blog was only started in early 2011, it has been a personal project in the making for over a decade. I have kept detailed records of fashion and lifestyle images neatly tucked away in divided binders. It's so refreshing to go back and look over the things I loved many years ago, only to find out that they have remained the same. Which definitely makes the case for the fact that if you stay true to the things you love, they never go out of style. I finally decided to start The Inspiration Files as a way to bring the things I love to everyone in the world. So, pull up a chair and stay a while... inspiration is just a click away!

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